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Advent Window Trail 2009

Tuesday 1st December 2009

Ten years ago, at the turn of the new century, a chance conversation between a small group of Lostwithiel mothers resulted in the first Advent Window Trail around the town, inspired by a similar tradition in Switzerland. People and businesses around the town with windows overlooking the road were approached to set up a special window display during the Advent period, with a numbered window illuminated each evening like an Advent calendar. Since then the Advent Window Trail has become an instrisic part of Christmas in Lostwithiel, enjoyed by both towns people and visitors.

The windows light up consecutively each evening from 1st to 24th of December; by Christmas Eve there are 24 different windows to see and enjoy as you walk through the town - a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. Each year is different, below are some of this year's windows.

Trewithen Restaurant's 2009 Christmas window

1st December - Trewithen Restaurant

Bodmin Hill Christmas window

3rd December - Bodmin Hill

Lostwithiel Museum's 2009 Christmas window

5th December - Lostwithiel Museum

Mountchase Pharmacy's 2009 Christmas window

7th December - Mountchase Pharmacy

Paraphernalia's 2009 Christmas window

9th December - Paraphernalia

North Street Christmas window

12th December - North Street

Watts Trading 2009 Christmas window

14th December - Watts Trading

Deja Vu Antiques 2009 Christmas window

16th December - Déjà Vu Antiques

Third North Street Christmas window

21st December - North Street


Images by Mat Connolley

Maggie's Flower Shop's 2009 Christmas window

2nd December - Maggie's Flower Shop

Revival Design's 2009 Christmas window

4th December - Revival Design

Lostwithiel Bakery's 2009 Christmas window

6th December - Lostwithiel Bakery

A. P. Basset's 2009 Christmas window

8th December - A. P. Bassets Solicitors

Rhubarb Interiors' 2009 Christmas window

11th December - Rhubarb Interiors

Second North Street Christmas window

13th December - North Street

Quay Street Christmas window

15th December - Quay Street

Mill Hill Christmas window

19th December - Mill Hill

Romantic Englishwoman's 2009 Christmas window

23rd December - The Romantic Englishwoman