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Damage to Building in Fore St

Saturday 23rd March 2024

Fore Street now open

Update  21st  March 2024

Fore Street is now open


Fore Street Open


Image Credit:  Clr Colin Martin


Update 17th March 2024

Public Toilet Refurbishment

From 18 Mar 2024 to 31 Mar 2024

The Public Toilet will be closed for refurbishment


LTC Notice



Update 13th March 2024


Click logo below to listen to an interview with local shopkeepers and Clr Colin Martin on BBC Radio Cornwall's Julie Skentelbery programme on 13th March 2024.


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Also read this article on BBC website


The following information is provided for residents and visitors who do not have access to the Lostwithiel Community Facebook Group.


20th March 2024


From Colin Martin: Cornwall Councillor for Lostwithiel


Fore Street Lostwithiel

"Massive thanks to this hero who stayed on duty until permission was finally given to reopen the road, despite having started work at 5am!
The road should be open to pedestrians and cars by 9pm 

Please take extra care over the next few days as some drivers may not be aware that the one-way system is going back to its original layout."

Update from Daniel Westington

"We did it!!! Just had confirmation from Cormac that what we've done is in alignment and they're deploying a team to open the road in Fore Street.

Church Lane will remain closed for the foreseeable

Special thanks to Chris Hemming for cherry picker work, Sean and Adrian over at lantic Surveyors for doing the paperwork and organising, Colin Martin for the headache of highways and Cormac sorting out the massive mess.

Warwick Jope and team for scaffolding,  structural engineers at Martin Perry and of course my team at Westington Carpentry. There's been lots more people involved and would be here all night but special thanks to Phil For paying for everything as insurance still deciding what they want to do.. There you go you got your town back."



 16th March 2024

Update from Daniel Westington

"Morning folks. 

Though I'd give you guys another update on the road closure in Fore Street.

As you can all see we've finally ( with quite a few choice emails) we've received the plan for the scaffolding and implementing as we speak. Structural Engineer is back on Tuesday morning and someone is building a hording around the base.

Once this is all in place and Structural Engineer is happy we are hopefully in a position to open the road on Wed/Thursday but highways still unsure whether to allow lorries past but that's up to them.

We really have tried our best at this and what's been going on behind the scenes has been relentless. Anyway big thanks to Sean and Adrian over at lantic Surveyors, Colin Martin and all the guys on the ground. Also a special thanks to the people completely ignoring the barriers put in place, forcing entry and trying to start fights because you're too lazy to walk 200 yards around. But more worrying is someone has been cutting the cable ties that hold the barriers in place on a daily basis and forcing entry.

Can I remind you that being in there is a criminal offence and you will be delt with accordingly. This only opens the gates to kids getting in and potentially putting them at risk. Only a few days to go and you won't have to walk the 200 yards around."



12th March 2024

From Colin Martin: Cornwall Councillor for Lostwithiel

"Town Centre Update (Tuesday 12th):

Damage to building in Fore Street

Image Credit: Colin Martin


Level crossing is back open and traffic lights are gone, so access to The Parade, Quay Street and the bottom of Fore Street is now via Grenville Road, NOT NORTH STREET!

Please take care as some confused drivers are still going the wrong way along North Street. I have repeatedly requested extra signage so hopefully this will appear soon.
The scaffolding design has now been approved and is under construction, so Fore Street should be partially reopened in the next few days.
Please keep visiting the town centre and spending your money with our local traders: They have been hit really hard by the road closures so desperately need your custom. Use it or lose it!!"



Update 1st March 2024 from Lantic Surveyors

"After the initial collapse of the gable wall,  the emergency services, highways and building control required a structural assessment of the building. This was completed early last week. A process is now being followed, in stages, as set out within the SE report and as required by the authorities.
Daniel Westington of Westington Carpentry has made progress this week completing support works within the building and to the roof structure exposed on the gable wall.
A specially designed scaffold is required for the front corner of the building, which is now being designed.  Hopefully, this can be constructed on site next week with appropriate site hoardings to satisfy highways. The road can then finally be re-opened.
Dan, Lantic Surveyors, and other local businesses have been working on this tirelessly to try and ensure the town has minimal disruption. If we could have arranged anything any quicker, we would have. However, there has been no choice but to work within the parameters of the relevant advisers and to follow protocol to ensure the safety of road users/pedestrians.
Thanks on behalf of all involved to the local businesses, neighbouring property owners and Colin Martin for their continued support."



27th February 2024

From Colin Martin: Cornwall Councillor for Lostwithiel

"First and foremost, please remember that (apart from Foodies!) all traders in town are open as usual, but they really need your business: Please keep visiting our fantastic shops, galleries, cafes, restaurants and takeaways and spending your money!

Today I met with Cormac and Sunbelt (traffic light operators):
From Sunday night (3rd March) until the following Monday (11th March) the level crossing will be closed to vehicles (but will remain open for pedestrians) due to essential rail engineering works.

While the level crossing is closed, all access to town will be via FORE STREET.

All traffic will turn left at the social club, then traffic lights will allow vehicles to travel in BOTH DIRECTIONS on North Street and The Parade. Two Sunbelt staff will be in place 24/7 at the level crossing. If you have any problems, please let them know, but bear in mind that they can call the depot in Bodmin, but they can't leave the level crossing.

Parking is not normally allowed between traffic lights, but I have convinced Cormac to let us keep using the eleven spaces between Church Lane and Monmouth Lane because I told them Lostwithiel drivers are very careful and sensible!   If you prove me wrong, those spaces may be taken away.

Deliveries to the Co-op and other businesses need space to turn around at the end of Quay Street, so if you want food on the shelves, please respect the no-parking cones. 

No parking outside co-op Scaffolding around building in Church Lane

Builders at Church Lane have now secured the roof, installed props inside the building and cleared the debris from Church Lane. Hopefully protection will be installed around the front of the building by the end of the week, at which point access along Fore Street could be restored. 

But remember, THIS WEEK until Saturday night, North Street will remain ONE WAY ONLY, so access to The Parade is only possible via Grenville Road.

Thanks again to everyone for your patience. Please remember to go and spend whatever you can afford and tell your friends that our lovely town centre is still open!"



24th  Feb 2024

From Colin Martin: Cornwall Councillor for Lostwithiel

"Weekend update (24th Feb):
Over the past 48 hours, I've spoken with lots of local traders, builders and of course Cormac.

Works to stabilise the building on the corner of Church Lane should begin on Monday. *If* everything goes according to plan, pedestrian access along Fore Street could be restored by the end of the week.

Two-way traffic on The Parade seems to be working well, but clearly some people haven't worked out that NORTH STREET IS STILL ONE-WAY ONLY!! 

I have asked for more signs to reinforce this message and divert traffic around the A390 and Grenville Road.

Unfortunately from 3rd March the level crossing will be closed for a week for essential engineering which Network Rail says it cannot delay.
This means a different set of arrangements will have to be put in place with traffic lights on North Street.

When the level crossing reopens on March 10th, we could revert to the current system, or keep the traffic lights on North Street. I'll be looking for your feedback when we've tried both systems.

In the meantime, please remember NORTH STREET IS STILL ONE-WAY ONLY!"





Fore St closed Feb 2024Image Credit: Colin Martin


22nd Feb 2024

From  Colin Martin: Cornwall Councillor for Lostwithiel

"The Parade is now open to two-way traffic

NORTH STREET REMAINS ONE-WAY ONLY*, and I am still waiting for extra signage at the top end will direct traffic along the A390 and down Grenville Road. 

If you're driving around, please follow the diversion all the way to the top of Grenville road. Please do NOT cut through Cott Road. It will only take you a few seconds longer, but is much safer.

*Any vehicle over 7.5t needing access to The Parade MUST USE A MARSHALL to hold traffic at the bridge before driving the "wrong way" down North Street."



From  Daniel  Westington of Westington Carpentry

"Good evening folks. I thought I might be able to answer some questions about the road closure and building works on Fore Street. Obviously, you all know that a building outside the church has lost a wall and the road is closed.

Sean Sampson from  Lantic Surveyors on the train platform was asked to help out by organising a structural engineer to come out, assess and draw up a plan of attack. Since then he has spoken to myself and Gus Honey about coming together to sort something out and see what to do and our thoughts on the matter. In this small collaboration we're trying our best to organise everything and we've managed to obtain a structural engineer's plan and acting accordingly. We've been instructed by the owner to make it safe and get the road open ASAP.

I am told by Colin Martin there is a traffic management plan being drawn up for residents and possibly being implemented tomorrow to allow food trucks to get to Co-op turning the parade into a two way Rd with traffic lights etc so would kindly ask if you could not park there enabling this to happen and allow traffic to flow.

For the Co-op special permission will be granted to bring lorries down the road opposite Chinese but will let Colin explain that.

When this first happened temporary plastic barriers were used by Cormac to stop pedestrian access. People have been ignoring them and moving them out the way. Can I just add the wall was made of cobb and there is a real chance with all this rain that more will come down so a proper harris fencing has been installed to prevent people taking their lives into their own hands.

This is now a construction site so strictly no access!!.I can assure you we're working as fast as we can to get our town back open again and make the building safe. We just ask for a bit of patience as there's many questions that need to be answered and implemented. Hope this can answer a few of your own questions and be reassured that we're doing whatever we can to help our town get back to its feet

Many Thanks
Daniel Westington "



21st Feb 2024

From  Colin Martin: Cornwall Councillor for Lostwithiel:
Wednesday update part 1:

Fore St closed


"Proper signage is now in place to direct traffic from the top of Fore Street onto Church Lane and up North Street. Hopefully this will stop vehicles driving the wrong way up Fore Street.

I have spoken to builders regarding the damaged building. The first priority is to prop up the roof. They hope to achieve this by putting supports in place using a cherry-picker to keep workers out of harm's way in case anything else falls.

Once the roof is secure, workers can enter the building to install acro props.If this all goes according to plan and no further problems are discovered, it should be possible to reopen Fore Street, at least to pedestrians.

But until then, the exclusion zone must stay in place for your safety.

The full repair will take weeks or months. This is a listed building, so it may even be necessary to re-use bricks and stones which are currently in a heap on the ground! So Church Lane will remain closed for the duration."

Wednesday update part 2:

I have been urging Cormac to open The Parade to two-way traffic so that vehicles can reach the Co-op and other businesses without having to pass under the archway on South Street or the low bridge in Coulson Park.

I hope this will happen on Thursday, but to allow traffic to flow safely in both directions, parking on The Parade will be temporarily banned (Quay Street and Parade Square will be unaffected).

Obviously, any loss of parking spaces is a headache, but I hope you will agree that two-way access is the priority.
North Street will remain one-way only*, and extra signage at the top end will direct traffic along the A390 and down Grenville Road. Obviously this will create extra traffic at that end of town, so I hope everyone will drive and park carefully and considerately: We're all in this together!

*Vehicles over 7.5t cannot cross the Tudor Bridge, so a "marshall" (aka Coop employee in a hi-viz vest!) will need to stop traffic at the junction of The Parade and North Street to enable their delivery lorry to drive the "wrong" way down North Street at approximately 7am. Please be patient and allow a few extra minutes for your journey."


20th February 2024

From Colin Martin: Cornwall Councillor for Lostwithiel

Tuesday evening update:

"Structural engineers are worried about possible further collapse during heavy rain this week, so the exclusion zone has been extended. Please respect the barriers which are there for your safety.
Signage will be installed on Wednesday to reverse the flow of traffic between the social club and the church to enable vehicles on Fore Street to exit onto North Street
I have asked for two-way traffic to be allowed along the parade but am waiting for this to be confirmed. It will mean no parking along there, but that seems like a price worth paying to restore access to Quay Street.

I have also asked Cormac to liaise with Biffa to ensure everyone's bins get emptied."


18th February 2024

A video report of the collapsing wall is available on the ITVx  website


17th February 2024

From Cornwall Live

"Emergency services rushed to Lostwithiel this evening (February 17) after the wall of a building in the town centre partially collapsed. Dramatic photos show a huge pile of bricks blocking the lane and one local says they were just seconds away from being under it.

Fire crews and police descended on Church Lane where the incident happened. Nearby roads were taped off while firefighters worked to make the area safe.

It's not known if anyone was inside the building, which is home to Foodies Cafe, or if there has been any internal damage. One local says they were inside neighbouring Indian restaurant Sunny Spice at the time and could hear the moment the wall buckled.  Local reports suggest that no one has been injured as a result of the incident but that Church Lane remains closed."

Church Lane Lostwithiel

 Image Credit: Phil Wisdom)