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Currach and coracle making workshops

Monday 21st March 2011

Coracle and Currach making workshopLostwithiel Forum are running community workshops to make currachs and coracles which are traditional, ancient boats made from willow, hazel and canvas (or cowhide!). These workshops are open to all in the area with initial priority to young people and will be led by boatmaker and artist Rory Macphee from Constantine.

Currachs will be made on 16 and 17 April and coracles on the 7 May.

They will all be launched on the beautiful river Fowey in Lostwithiel on Sunday 15th May at Lostfest and will be being finished in the Parade over the Lostfest weekend where people can learn more about how they are made. A currach which 2 people can row can be made in 2 days by a team of up to 8 people. And a coracle which takes one person at a time can be made in one day by a minimum of 2 people. The workshops will take place in the lovely setting of Coulson Park. Afterwards participants will own the boats they make. Makers will pay a small amount towards materials (less than £20 per person).

The project is funded by Feast, Cornwall Community Foundation and Transition Lostwithiel.

For more info contact Jo Salter on 01208 8871767 or email