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New website is the business - Cornish Guardian

Wednesday 17th March 2010

LOSTWITHIEL Business Group has launched an up-to-date new website.

The group put up £3,000 towards a site and leaflets to attract visitors to the town and keep locals informed. was designed by Paul Colledge at Revival Design on Fore Street, Lostwithiel and built by Mat Connolley and Kat Smith at Iteracy, also in Lostwithiel.

Chairman of the business group, Adrian Barratt, said "It's not just there for visitors but it is for locals to use as well. There is a news section which is kept regulary updated and information about events and bands on in the town and the farmers' market. There is a lot of accommodation listed there as the idea is to attract people to the website and then entice them to stay in Lostwithiel too.

"Businesses can pay £25 a year to be listed on the site with links to their business and a full description of the business written by Mike Dobbie. We have already had good results from this with businesses attracting new customers less than a week after being listed on the site."

More than 90 businesses are currently listed on the site which is getting around 150 visitors a day. A French home page with German and Cornish versions is also coming soon. The leaflets which reinforce the information on the website are due to be printed this week.

Text courtesy of The Cornish Guardian