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Community Centre Questionnaire

Friday 7th February 2020



  • What do YOU want, and need, from YOUR Community Centre? What about others in the Town?
  • Forty years after the Town raised the money to plan and build our Community Centre, what does the FUTURE look like for the building and the site?
  • We need to hear from YOU – by February 23rd!

Lostwithiel Community Association will be working in conjunction with other organisations in Lostwithiel to seek the best outcome for the Centre, the Town and the wider local community.

We feel it is still too early to share our vision and potential partners, but the future will probably include new partnerships to secure not only the Community Centre's future, but other services which we depend on too.

We will be seeking grants towards the project, as well as loans based on income potential from rented space, and we’ll be fundraising too. We will be looking for the Town’s support in this project, just as for the original Community Centre building.

We’d like to see a modern, sustainable building which will serve the Town community for the considerable future and crucially, will be flexible to adapt to changing needs. The current building cannot be improved to standards which would attract funding, and as it gets older, is increasingly expensive and wasteful to run and maintain.

We have prepared a Questionnaire as the first part of our Consultation - more specific questions will be asked later regarding design and potential uses and issues.

The most important thing is ownership of the Centre by the Community, so this early consultation is to get as many people involved in the discussion about the Centre’s future as we can.

Take this opportunity to have YOUR say. Please complete the questionnaire available via this link.

Extra copies of the Questionnaire are available at the Community Centre.

You can drop off your completed Questionnaire at the Centre (in the big box at Reception) or at Penhaligons on Fore Street.

They can also be emailed to reception@