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Skate jam success on film

Sunday 29th July 2012

A skate jam was held at the Royal Talbot on 15th July to promote and consult on plans for a new skate park in Lostwithiel.

It was a glorious day and fabulous atmosphere. The event attracted skaters, scooters and riders of all ages, from 3 year olds to 30 year olds. Competitions were held with prizes for different categories.

About £150 was raised as well as a lot of the awareness about the project and the need for facilities for young people in Lostwithiel. John from Board Skate Shack in St Austell made sure that all the under 5s recieved a small prize for effort. 

The Lady Mayor attended and donated all 3 prizes for the raffle; she said she was very impressed by the day. Around 30 children and parents came to watch the action, take part in competitions and look at the display about potential designs and give their own comments. 

The skate jam project is hoping to recruit more people in the community to help with the project. If you are able to get involved, however much, please contact Jan Phillips on 01726 810026 or email

The skate jam film below was made by The Motion Farm

Skate Jam / Lostwithiel Skate Park Project from The MotionFarm on Vimeo.