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Oasis Reborn

Wednesday 17th November 2010

Jen Carson has recently agreed to take over the management of the Oasis Youth Club in Lostwithiel. The club has been closed for a long time and she is hoping however to get it back up and running as soon as possible.

Jen says "I envisage the 'new' Oasis club to be a fun and safe place for the young people of Lostwithiel. There will be the usual games of pool and general hanging out as before, but with the addition of some organized activities including art & craft projects, dance workshops, sports events and outings. "

"I will be asking that some of the young people take a more active part in the club, helping to organised events and having an input into how the club is run, as I believe it is important for them to take ownership of their club."

She is looking for volunteers to help run the club, training and CRB checks will be provided. This can be as little or as much time as people have available and need not involve supervising the actual club night. She has set up a Facebook group for the club, and can also be emailed at or called on 01208 873127. Jen welcomes any comments and suggestions from members, parents and the Lostwithiel public in general.

Jen added "I believe that the youth club is an important organisation for the town, which will provide support, and supervision for youngsters as well as fun activities. I am really hoping that the town will back me in this important project and look forward to hearing from as many people as possible!"