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No Hike in Lostwithiel Council Tax Precept

Thursday 15th January 2015

At an extraordinary council meeting held on 14th January, attended by 8 of the 16 Lostwithiel Town Councillors, a decision was made not to impose the £100,000 tax rise to cover repairs to Edgcumbe House. proposed in the draft budget.

 The council meeting followed a Public Meeting, attended by over 100 local residents, held the previous evening. At the Public Meeting there was fierce opposition to the proposed tax rise.

At the council meeting The Mayor, Cllr Pam Jarrett, initially proposed adding £50,000 (rather than £100,000) to the precept, but this did not receive the support of other councillors, and a decision was made not to raise the precept. Initial urgent repairs to Edgcume House will be funded from current reserves.

 At the Public Meeting there was widespread support for the idea of forming an Historic Building Trust to preserve Edgcume House, but the Council held the view that this may not reflect the opinion of the whole town. A decision was made to prepare a questionnaire for distributing to all households asking local residents for their views on the way forward.