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New playgrounds at Coulson Park and KGV now open!

Monday 12th October 2015

This is what made it all worth it... This Friday afternoon when the brand new KGV playground was full of the children of Lostwithiel, children of all ages from many different schools, laughing, playing, climbing, swinging, spinning, older children helping younger children, adults chatting, everyone enjoying our SECOND, NEW, FABULOUS PLAYGROUND.

It made all those years of planning, hoping, organising, fundraising, writing applications, attending meetings, painting faces, selling popcorn, serving pimms and more endless fundraising totally worthwhile!

We have so many people to thank, which we will do properly once we have been down the zip wire a few more times! But we are immensely grateful to BIFFA Award for their grant, to all our other grant providers, to all the local businesses who have supported us and to all the people of Lostwithiel who have unfalteringly continued to support us. This is for you...

We are utterly delighted and thrilled to be able to play on the new KGV playground. We have so many people to thank, without these people, there would not be hundreds of happy Lostwithielian children playing and having fun on their wonderful new KGV playground. 

So thank you:

to Biffa Award for their grant; to Lostwithiel Town Council for their financial contribution and their organisation; to the Rotary Club of Lostwithiel for their contributions and support; to Duchy of Cornwall Benevolent Fund, Lostwithiel Educational Trust, Trusthouse Forte Charitable Trust, Aviva Community Fund for their grants; to The Co-op of Lostwithiel for their time, money and donated prizes; to 2 Quay Street's poppies, Transition Lostwithiel, Accelerata, Asda in Bodmin, Community Chest, Iteracy, The Property Shop in Lostwithiel, an anonymous benefactor, Pam Jarret, Gill Parsons Birthday Bash, Knitter Natters, Lost In Song, Lostwithiel Bingo, Asquiths and Pelyn Vets for all donating money; to Lost In Film for screening the children's films for us for free during the winter months; to the organisers, supporters and money-spenders who supported our stalls at Dickensian Evening, Lostfest, Lostwithiel School Summer Fair, Carnival Charity Day; to Lostwithiel Junior Town Band, Bounce Dance Academy and Dogtastic for performing at our fundraising event; to the following local businesses for so willingly donating raffle prizes: Ann’s Gallery, Anna Dianne Furnishings, Barber Shop, Beauty Lounge, Bellamama Deli, Co-op, Country Flowers, Crealy, Curiouser & Curiouser, Deja-vu antiques, Garden Gate Flower Company, Green Cart Farm, The Hair Gallery, The Health & Beauty Salon, Londis, The Monkey Sanctuary, Mountchase Pharmacy, Old Palace Antiques, Penhaligons, Restormel Insurance services, The Romantic English Woman, Screech Owl Sanctuary, Tia Tamblyn, Therapeutic Massage, 2 Quay Street; and last but not least we would like to ADD AN ENORMOUS THANK YOU TO THE PEOPLE OF LOSTWITHIEL who have continuously, tirelessly supported us at event after event, buying teddy tombola tickets and endless raffle tickets, purchasing popcorn, warming themselves with our winter pimms, allowing us to paint their children's faces, being sporting enough to allow us to glitter-paint their faces, dropping money in buckets and generally believing in us. These parks are for you, the families and the children of Lostwithiel - enjoy them. We know we will!

Lost In Play