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Lostwithiel’s Railway Footbridge In Sight

Monday 6th June 2022

Launch of Lostwithiel Footbridge project

Image Credit:  Network Rail


.The long struggle to get a footbridge over the railway line at the level crossing seems to be almost over. Cornwall Council, working with Network Rail, has secured funding of over £3m to build a new bridge.

If all planning approvals go through, it is intended to begin construction in November 2022 with the bridge opening in Spring 2023. The new bridge will do much to resolve waiting times at the crossing, now that we have such improved frequency of stopping trains. It will also prevent residents missing their trains because the crossing gates are down and they cannot access the platform they need.
Dangerous dashes under the crossing gates or across the lines from one platform to the other will no longer be a temptation to those about to miss a train. If all goes ahead it will be the end of seven years of struggle. After a public meeting in 2015, I - as a member of Lostwithiel Town Forum - raised the need for a footbridge, together with Lostwithiel Councillor Tim Hughes. Over the next two years, we had discussions aimed at improving station facilities with Cornwall Councillors and with Nigel Blackler, the Director of Transport for Cornwall Council.

Cornwall Council undertook a survey of residents and established the need for a footbridge. In mid-2017 Tim and I joined with Cornwall Councillor Colin Martin to present a business case to Network Rail, and this set the ball rolling. Local MP Sheryll Murray became aware of our campaign, offering to facilitate the process by convening a series of meeting from September 2017 and working in support at Westminster.

The funding now secured from Government, Cornwall Council, and grant funders is the outcome of the efforts made by all those involved to establish this important local facility. It is hoped that the project will also make it possible to improve the road surface across the level crossing, making it more friendly to wheelchairs, pushchairs, and shopping trolleys. Let’s look forward to a grand Opening Ceremony next Spring.

John Scott

Plan for new Railway bridge

A very detailed set of proposals for the bridge may be viewed this link.