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Lostwithiel Skatepark project

Monday 9th July 2012

The project to have a new improved Skatepark built in Lostwithiel is progressing steadily and team behind the project are looking for more help to keep the project moving forwards.

Preliminary designs

The first step is the design of the new Skatepark. The team have met 3 specialist suppliers and now have some preliminary designs with finer points up for discussion with local riders, and by other supportive and knowledgeable parties from around Cornwall. (The project has the support of Jon Worsley from the BoredSkateshack in St Austell)

St. Winnow primary school held a workshop with Jan Phillips from Groundwork, where some really useful information came forward.

Fundraising for pre-planning

The group are concentrating on raising funds for the pre-planning stages of the Skatepark this summer. Young people have held fundraising car washes and scootering towards this.

Clay Country Greenspaces Project is paying for mobile ramps for a Skatejam on Carnival Charity Fayre on 15th July, which will be a fund raiser and consultation. Please support this and come meet the team. Right now local funding is where most help is needed from people who can either safely supervise an activity or do some legwork in support. Any ideas will be welcome

The Town Council agreed to be the lead for planning and grant applications and the Forum have already set up an account which is to receive donations, small grants and sponsorships.

Applying for grants

Before the Council can apply for planning permission, the project needs to know if it has to raise enough to pay for a noise survey (hoping not!) and a flood risk report. If both are required, it will need to find at least £2000 before it can apply. So far there is about £600 available.

The project has promises of £10,000 from the Town Council and the Lostwithiel Educational Trust for the actual construction of the park, and has also gratefully received £500 from South West Water for start-up costs. Private donations and fund raisers so far have brought in about another £200 so there is a long way to go even before planning permission.

Applications for large grants are due to start this summer running in tandem with the planning application which is hoped to be applied for by September, depending on funds raised!

Project team

The lead project team members are Helen Taylor from the Forum, John Pegg from the Town Council and Ben Webb of the Friends of Lostwithiel Skatepark. Jan Phillips is our facilitator from Groundwork.

The team needs active adult help to run the project, as well as younger people to get involved.

There is considerable moral support from residents and it's hoped that this can be translated this into active support, such as secretarial help, a publicity person, refreshments maker for events or liaison with local traders. If you can help out in any capacity, please contact Jan Phillips by email or or call 07814 670000.

Pictures courtesy of Mark Yates.