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Lostwithiel Playground Project launched

Friday 25th January 2013

Are you bothered by the state of our town’s playgrounds? Would you like to have a go at raising funds to improve them? How would you like to see our town have something we can all be proud of and you can enjoy taking your kids to - even after it’s rained - without being bogged down in soggy bark chippings!

Lost In Play, a group who has come together to try and improve the town’s playgrounds, have a commitment from the Town Council to spend some money on the playgrounds but the pot is very small. It is hoped that with some clever letter writing and internet searching we can find more funds out there to increase this pot of money to a worthwhile sum.

This is your chance to get involved and get the playgrounds you, your children and future generations of Lostwithiel’s children want.

A complete overhaul of the playgrounds with new surfacing and equipment is possible, but only if enough people get involved to make it happen. The current slide and see-saw in King George V park are soon to be removed as they are no longer deemed safe – what will go in their place? Wouldn’t you like to help decide?!

Come to the next meeting of Lost in Play at The Platform on the train station at 8pm on Thursday 31st January and/or contact me to let me know you want to help make a difference!

Rebecca Bettin, Lost in Play, 07894255526