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Lostwithiel Flood Prevention Project 2013/14

Thursday 18th September 2014

In 2011/2012 Climate Vision, a SW based organisation which turns environmental problems into enterprising solutions, ran a pilot scheme for Offenders on Community Payback to collect, remove and compost 3 tonnes of leaf litter in Lostwithiel.

The project was repeated in 2013/14 after Cornwall Community Flood Forum and Cornwall Council successfully attracted £238K of DEFRA funds to Cornwall to test projects that enhance community resilience to flooding. 

In Autumn 2013, Climate Vision identified a single mile of highway in the catchment in a 35km2 area susceptible to flash flooding during the autumn and winter months. They produced a routine drain-clearing schedule along with a response plan to minimise the impact of extreme weather events likely to lead to flooding having studied the catchment area.

Offenders underwent Composting Training and met members of the media. They assisted in weighing leaf litter/met local residents/flood experts and underwent 1:1 climate change and flood prevention discussions.

9.15 tonnes of leaves have been collected to be used as mulch. 

Anyone in Lostwithiel who is interested in

  1. Collecting some mulch before the end of October 2014
  2. Meeting Luci from Climate Vision and the workers on the mornings Nov 2nd, Dec 7th or Jan 11th
  3. Getting involved in the project in future years to make it more sustainable

are invited to get in touch with Climate Vision to make arrangements.

Read more about the project on the Climate Vision website

Leaf litter flood prevention scheme

Leaf litter flood prevention scheme