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Friday 18th February 2022

Lostwithiel Raft Race


Update from Rebecca Molyneux via facebook 17th Feb 2022:-

"Thanks to 20 people attending a recent meeting and committing to Lostwithiel Carnival event arrangements, a group has been formed with the ambition and skills needed to restore Lostwithiel Carnival as a full week of events. Thanks also for the backing of The Globe, The Earl of Chatham and The Royal Oak.

The next meeting will take place at The Social Club in Fore Street on 8th March at 7pm. Anyone is welcome to attend, there will be lots of decisions to consider and actions and work to arrange. They hope to receive the permission of the Town Council to use KGV field and are planning on the basis that they do. 

If so, this is the plan so far:

-- Sunday 24th July: Carnival Week will start with a day of events as to which the Young Farmers are likely to have some input.
-- Monday 25th July: Boconnoc Cricket Club will organise a 6-a-side competition.
-- Tuesday 26th July: arrangements are being made for Junior and Adult Rounders competitions.
-- Wednesday 27th July: Concert at St Barts with the help of FOSB and 2 pram races in the town.
-- Thursday 28th July: Duck Race, Raft Race and Street Party 
-- Friday 29th July: 5-a-side Football tournament
-- Saturday 30th July: Carnival procession

The events listed are the traditional ones that Rotary has organised. The wish of the meeting was for 2022 to be the same.
Anyone who wants to help, please contact Paul Bassett by emailing secretary"AT"  "



Original News Item 12th February:-

The Rotary Club of Lostwithiel has traditionally organised Lostwithiel Carnival Week at the start of the summer holidays. But it’s time to pass that responsibility to you. It’s your town. The Rotary Club hopes that you want the Carnival to continue, if not in the same way as it was before Covid-19, then with something similar. Rotary is happy to pass on their expertise and support. 

Traditionally, these are the events that Rotary organised: three races (pram, duck & raft), cricket, football, rounders, concert at St. Barts, music at the Parade and the Carnival procession. But it doesn’t have to be the same. 

Paul Bassett, as Secretary of the Rotary Club, is happy to help assemble a new Carnival Team who would organise the Carnival in July.


Geoff Phipps, Graham Rule, Emma Mansfield, Anthony Berry and Paul Bassett are meeting at 7pm on Tuesday 15th February at The Royal Oak and would welcome other people to come along and get involved in this year’s organising of events.

If you would like to be involved, you are very welcome to come along to the meeting. If you can’t attend but would like to help then email secretary"AT" to express your interest.

The Business Group, who run this website , has been asked to share this information as a means to reach a wider local audience. Any enquiries need to be made by using the email address above or by going along to the meeting. 

We hope there will be enough people willing to help. The Rotary Club has done a brilliant job of organising Carnival Week for so many years but now it’s time to pass it over to the people of Lostwithiel in the hope that it will continue.