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Lost In Song plan to Sing Along the River

Thursday 19th June 2014

Lost In Song, Lostwithiel's community choir, are planning weekly public performances on the Parade later in the Summer.

They have been inspired by the performances held by the Fisherman's Friends on the Platt in Port Isaac, and have asked permission from the Town Council to stage regular Thursday night events during August.

Co-founder Emma Mansfield attended the June Town Council meeting to explain plans for Sing Along the River events from 6pm to 9pm. These will also feature musicians, local food stalls and a bar run by a different pub in the town each Thursday.

The evenings are planned to be free but a bucket will be passed round to raise funds for Lost In Song, other local groups such as the Town Band and Cornish charities.

The Town Council is keen on the proposal so listen out for singing on Thursday nights in August!