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Cornwall Kettlebell Club brings back haul of medals from British Championships

Saturday 4th October 2014

Cornwall Kettlebell Club, based at the Fitness Factory in Lostwithiel, had a great weekend at the British Championships in Nottingham on Saturday 4th October.

Head coach Luke Jones paid tribute to the effort put into training from all of the team. Results were as follows:

Jo Nicholls:
12kg Biathlon (68+ w/c) - GOLD
Ladies Biathlon Absolute Champion
12kg Long Cycle (68+ w/c) - GOLD

Suzi Bayliss:
16kg Biathlon (68+ w/c) -GOLD

Lauren Noonan (debut):
12kg Long Cycle (68+w/c) - SILVER

Jamie Roach:
20kg Biathlon (78kg w/c) - GOLD
16kg Long Cycle (78kg w/c) - GOLD

Duncan Middleton:
24kg Biathlon (85kg w/c) - SILVER

Mark Jewels:
20kg Biathlon (veteran, 78kg w/c) - GOLD

Luke Jones:
24kg Long Cycle (78kg w/c) - GOLD

Suzi and Luke Jones were also awarded the title of 4 Nations Champions in their weight classes for Biathlon and Long Cycle respectively, given to those who have the greatest cumulative tonnage over the 4 Nations Championships. 

Cornwall Kettlebell Club winners