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Affordable Homes Consultation

Monday 5th April 2010

A public consultation on draft plans for affordable homes in Lostwithiel is being held on April 6,  from 4pm to 8pm at the Church Rooms, Church Lane.

Lostwithiel-based planning consultancy Situ8 Ltd is close to submitting a planning application for 32 homes off Castle Hill, including 16 affordable homes at half the average price of open-market properties. The consultation event  is the next stage in the process.

It will be attended by a mortgage advisor who is an expert on affordable housing mortgages. These have legal agreements attached which affect the property\'s resale value.

Lostwithiel Town Council is working closely with Situ8 Ltd, local developer Wycliffe Estates Ltd and Cornwall Council to get more affordable housing.

The proposed affordable homes range from one-bedroom flats to three-bedroom homes, with prices starting at about £65,000.

The houses would be tied to a legal agreement to prevent them being sold on. Applicants need to live within a three-mile radius of the town centre.

Acknowledgement – Based on an article originally published in Cornish Guardian