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The ULTRA Coach

The ULTRA Coach giving you the EDGE - Business, Sport, Life

Bringing together the most effective disciplines from both Business and Sport so that everyone can benefit by learning and applying them to deliver success.

I work with people who want to achieve their best and who want to excel in their environment.

Using Focus, Motivation and Analysis to bring you success for your business, your sport, your life.

With Annie Page – The ULTRA Coach giving you the EDGE you will go beyond your limitations and develop your full potential.

Business Coaching
1:1 or teams understand your thinking and how it can help create the business that you want and be able to thrive in an everchanging business environment.

Business Blueprint
Using a 12-week programme to deliver success your business will benefit by breaking down long term goals into 12 week phased wins. Each phase has specific aims to create development and achieve success.

In the same way athletes split their long-term goals into more manageable phases of training giving time to Focus, Motivate and Analyse so your long-term business goals will become a series of achievements.

I work with competitors, coaches, clubs and National Governing Bodies across a range of sporting disciplines using coaching and training techniques to focus on getting results and to achieve peak performance. By understanding mental strategies and thinking patterns that are used to be able to make decisions in the moment that will enhance performance.

Helping people utilise the skills they have and develop and fine tune them as their own techniques and resources to support them to achieve their goals. Individuals learn more about themselves and how they can take the skills and techniques into other areas of their life.

The ULTRA Coach
Summers Street
PL22 0DH

07734 920080
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