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Honeysuckle Rose: Costumier Extraordinaire

For unique, handcrafted, made to measure costumes or information about classes in dressmaking and pattern cutting, please contact Rachel Parton of Honeysuckle-Rose.

Rachel has been designing and making costumes for more years than she cares to remember. Her training as a Theatre Designer has stood her in good stead when creating unusual costumes and adaptations of historical clothing for the purpose of historical re-enactment.

She spent a number of years teaching various aspects of theatre, and now enjoys helping small groups achieve their sewing goals.

Her specialisms are corsetry and medieval clothing, but she enjoys the challenge involved in creating any clothing out of the ordinary.

Honeysuckle Rose: Costumier Extraordinaire
6 Knight's Court
Bodmin Hill
PL22 0BE

01208 871137
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