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Lostwithiel Twinning Association

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Lostwithiel has been twinned with the small town of Pleyber Christ, near Morlaix in Brittany, for more than 30 years. In 2009 this 30th anniversary was celebrated with two visits; our Breton friends came to Cornwall in May for a long weekend and a return visit was made by the Lostwithiel twinners in September. The usual pattern is a Lostwithiel trip to the twin town every two years, with Pleyber Christ coming to Lostwithiel during the years in between.

Lostwithiel Twinning Association in Pleyber Christ, BrittanyThose in the twinning group have great fun; forging friendships with people from a different country is enriching and enjoyable. A real spirit of camaraderie is experienced as we take pleasure in the carefully planned entertainments and hospitality in Brittany and, likewise, offer a varied programme of outings and refreshments for our friends from Pleyber. One appealing aspect of this association is the mixed age range. Babies and children, young couples, single people and older members of the community all enjoy being together in a really convivial group.

If twinning members choose to go on a visit to Pleyber Christ , they will stay with members of the group in Brittany. When the visit is to Lostwithiel, those from Pleyber are accommodated in the homes of our members.

The ability to speak French is not necessary to take part in our activities. Some members speak French, with varying levels of ability, but it has been known for twinners to stay with each other with virtually no knowledge of the other language... without any real problems. Some of us have taken advantage of this association to improve our conversational French, but if you have no urge to improve your language skills this is no barrier to joining - anyone who is interested will be welcome.

The membership of the twinning association is not restricted to the mutual visits. We need to raise funds to finance the activities we provide for the visitors, as well as the expenses of our own trips to Brittany. Throughout the year the twinning committee is actively planning fund raising events, which are a valued part of our social calendar. Events have included the ever popular Safari suppers, pub skittles, themed evenings such as the recent curry night, coach trips - a memorable coach journey took us to the justly famous Bridgewater Carnival, barbeques, cream teas... just to mention a few.

If you are interested in joining us, or finding out more about what we do, please contact:

  • Fred Smee    871095 
  • Judy Dixon    872310
  • Mike Sharpe  871030
  • Olga Jones    873234
  • Anne Smee    871095
  • Sally Turner   871419
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