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Update on the Footbridge and Station Improvements

Tuesday 5th March 2024


2023 at Lostwithiel station - platform 1


Information provided by Prof John Scott from Lostwithiel Transport Users Group:-

"I have had an update from Network Rail about our long-awaited footbridge.

Because the proposed fibre-resin design failed safety checks, it was decided to revert to a traditional steel structure for the bridge. I have been told that an investment plan has been prepared and is being passed to the Department for Transport this week. Network Rail expect this plan to be approved and this will allow the project to get underway again. The bad news is that it typically takes 18 months for a bridge to move from plan to actually being in use, so the bridge ought to be in place by the end of 2025.

However, there is good news. Because of the delay, Network Rail will be installing a temporary footbridge, a scaffold structure, that will see us through to the completion of the real bridge."


A further item of good news is that although GWR is unable to re-open the Waiting Room on the ‘up’ platform, they will be providing us with a three-sided glass shelter to provide cover in bad weather. This will be comparable in size to the brick structure on the ‘down’ platform."