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Lanhydrock Estate Company launches new website

Monday 30th April 2012

Lanhydrock Estate Company was established in 1934 by Viscount Victor Agar Robartes the then proprietor of Lanhydrock House and grounds. In 1953 Lanhydrock House, gardens and parkland (along with a generous sum of money towards the House upkeep) was gifted by the Robartes family to the National Trust who run the House and gardens today.

Lanhydrock Estate Company continues to this day managing the 2500 acres which is still owned by the family who have a great sense of belonging and loyalty towards the heritage that has been left to them. Victor Robartes’s granddaughter Ann Williams is the Chairman of the Company and three of his grand children (including Andrew Williams who lives in the parish of Lanhydrock) are directors. This sense of belonging has been reflected in recent years with Lanhydrock Estate’s commitment towards sympathetically renovating dilapidated farm buildings on the Estate, into business lets and residential properties. The website shows before and after images of how these buildings were transformed.

Conservation is a high priority for the Estate. Over recent years Lanhdyrock Estate has identified areas of low agricultural value and found ways of enhancing them for a mutual wildlife and commercial benefit. This has involved the planting of several thousand native trees, creating wildlife corridors between existing habitats, the creation of wildlife ponds, and the planting of an orchard, a sadly missing and once common feature of such a large estate - see images on the website.

In the last few years the Estate has also entered into the perilous world of beekeeping, in the hope of contributing towards the efforts of reversing the tragic decline of the honeybee. Lanhydrock Estate Honey is sold through the Cornish Foodbox Company and in the National Trust Shop at Lanhydrock House. Lanhydrock Estate will continue to manage the Estate in a way that is sustainable long term. To find out more about Lanhydrock Estate and see the beautiful images taken around the Estate then please go to