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Friends of St Bartholomew's

St Bart's spire

At the heart of Lostwithiel lies St Bartholomew's Church which has been a focus of Christian worship and social concern within the community for well over a thousand years and symbolises the history of Lostwithiel.

This fine building has wonderful features to cherish and attracts many visitors. However the cost of maintaining the fabric of the Grade 1 listed building is more than can be raised by the congregation alone. The building enjoys a special position in the affections of many people outside the church's regular worshippers. The Friends of St Bartholomew's Church Lostwithiel (FOSB) was set up in 1995 to reach out and appeal to the this wider community of supporters.

St Barts

FOSB, a registered charity, has been raising money to assist in the maintenance of the Church, and has made significant grants to several projects, including the major tower renovation.

The money is raised through a combination of donations from members and from fund raising events such as the annual charity shop and music concerts.

We would love to hear from anybody who would like to help with this worthy cause. To join FOSB all you have to do is make a donation of £5 or more. 

Please contact:

Peter Chew (Secretary) email phone 01208 872977 or
Eddie Sugar (Treasurer) email phone 01208 871111

Lots of photos and information about FOSB's work can be found at

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