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The Friends of St Bartholomew's Church Lostwithiel
Registered Charity Number 1115047

How to Help

Building Appeal How to Help
Please get involved in some of these ways:

* We would really like to build up our core of supporters who are paying between £1 and £20 per month by standing order. The cost of a pint of beer or a bunch of flowers perhaps?

How to Donate

The FOSB Donation Form may be used when making donations in cash, by cheque or by banker's standing order. It includes a Gift Aid Declaration for use by those who pay tax, and serves as a membership application form. The FOSB Gift Form is available from any committee member, and is also downloadable in PDF format. The form may be printed onto A4 paper, without scaling to fit. Please fill it in and mail it to the FOSB Treasurer. In case of difficulty please contact the Secretary.

If you are able to sign the Gift Aid Declaration, please be sure to do so, as FOSB can then claim 25p in the £ back from the Inland Revenue at no cost to the donor.


Conceptually a Friend may be thought of as someone who to any degree:

How to join

If your donation amounts to £5 or more in the current calendar year, you are eligible to join FOSB and we encourage you to do so. Please use the FOSB Donation Form [F1] and mark the appropriate tickboxes, being sure to tick box 5 (the one that includes the words I wish to become a member of FOSB).

If you have already made a qualifying donation please still use the FOSB Donation Form [F1], complete your details, tick box 5, and return the form without further payment to the Treasurer at the address shown on the form.

Donations made by new members on or after 1 July confer membership until the end of the following year

Contact us

If the paperwork daunts you, or if you would like to chat about any aspect of FOSB, please contact one of us - it would be grand to hear from you, and we would welcome your feedback.

Building Appeal How to Help

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Building Appeal How to Help Contacts