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The Friends of St Bartholomew's Church Lostwithiel
Registered Charity Number 1115047

The Church Building

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Some Features to Cherish

Consider some of the features of St Bartholomew's Church that make its fabric well worth maintaining:

1. Clerestory Windows

Interior looking north east

The general design of the Church, with its lean-to-aisles was common in Brittany. The clerestory windows are also of Breton design of the 12th century. These features are a reminder of the days when Lostwithiel was one of the major South coast ports.

2. East Window

East Window

This grand window is the tallest in any Cornish Parish Church.

3. Curteys Memorial

Brass - Tristrim Curteys, M.P.

The oldest memorial in the church is situated in the North Aisle. This is a brass memorial to Tristrim Curteys, M.P. in the 15th Century, dressed in the armour of that time.

4. St George's Chapel

St George's Chapel

Probably the oldest part of the church and originally a place of prayer for those who fell in the Crusades, this space is set aside for private prayer and contemplation.

5. Kendall Memorial

The martyrdom of Saint Bartholomew

There are several, but of particular note is the Elizabethan family showing the mother and her children praying for the soul of her husband and their father.

6. Alabaster of Saint Bartholomew

The martyrdom of Saint Bartholomew

Of medieval origin, this alabaster shows the martyrdom of Saint Bartholomew, who is reputed to have been flayed alive. Not only is Bartholomew our patron saint, he is the patron saint of all tanners, emphasising Lostwithiel's connection with the leather industry.

7. Font


Situated by the South door at the back of the church, it is rightly famous for its magnificent and intricate design.

8. Ceiling


This ceiling is believed to have been installed in the 18th Century. The woodwork is particularly fine and the resulting acoustics are popular with visiting choirs and orchestras.

9. Organ


The organ was built by Brewer of Truro c.1888, using pipes from an earlier manual organ by Alex Buckingham in 1828. It has subsequently been restored by Osmonds of Taunton and, in 1992, by Lance Foy of Truro when it was both restored and improved upon.

10. Other Windows

Window 4

Window 5  Window 6

There are several other delightful stained glass windows of which these are just a sample.

11. Clock

Tower and clock

Clock Mechanism

Clock by Gillett & Bland. The heavy weights that drive it have to be wound up by hand every day, quite a commitment!

The Next Step

Hopefully you will have come to share something of our passion for maintaining this lovely building. Please navigate to the Appeal page for more about the nature of the task and to the How to Help page to see how you can make a difference.

Building Appeal How to Help

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Building Appeal How to Help Contacts