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Lost In Film: The Favourite (15)

Monday 24th June 2019, 8:00pm to 10:00pm

Location: Church Rooms, Church Lane, Lostwithiel


Doors and bar open 7pm, film starts 8pm

Meal Deal available at the Royal Oak Inn, Lostwithiel. Ring 01208 872552 to book your film tickets and table.

Our main film for June will be The Favourite...

Warning! If you like your costume drama more Downton Abbey than down and dirty, then The Favourite might not be for you. This is movie marmite - some people love it, some people want to walk out. Director Yorgos Lanthimos’s complete makeover of the period drama is beautifully shot and designed, with sets at Hampton Court and Hatfield House. It is full of pitch-black humour and stellar performances. It is also dark, lewd, cruel and the characters really couldn’t care less whether you like them or not.

In the early 18th Century court of Queen Anne (Olivia Colman), the Duchess of Marlborough (Rachel Weisz) is the Queen’s confidante, adviser, secretary, treasurer and more. The Duchess pulls the strings to the advantage of her husband (Mark Gatiss) and the Whig party. Enter court newcomer Abigail Hill (Emma Stone) and a bitter, hilarious competition for the Queen’s favour ensues – high politics and low cunning. The Favourite is built around three spectacular leads, and has been a huge hit in the awards season. Will you love it or hate it? Come and see for yourself, but if you’re expecting a polite Dame Judi-style period piece, or even a standard bodice ripper – don’t say we didn’t warn you.

"Weisz and Stone are both brilliantly witty and nimble, but Colman's performance is nothing short of sublime." A O Scott, New York Times

"I command you to see it." Peter Howell, Toronto Star

Tickets cost £4 for adults and £2 for under 18s, and are available online now or in advance from Watts Trading or on the door if not already sold out.

Screening details

Date: 24 June 2019

Time: Doors and bar open 7pm, film starts 8pm

Venue:Church Rooms, Church Lane, Lostwithiel

Film details

Year: 2018

Country: ireland, UK, USA

Director: Yorgos Lanthimos

Cast: Olivia Colman, Emma Stone, Rachel Weisz

Certificate: 15

Length: 1hr 59m

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