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Sharing stories about the River Fowey

Monday 22nd May 2017, 7:30pm to 9:30pm

Location: Church Rooms, Church Lane, Lostwithiel


Droughts and water shortage pose a significant threat to the environment, agriculture, infrastructure, society and culture in the UK, affecting the lives of all of us.

The purpose of the DRY (Drought Risk and You) project is to develop an evidence-based resource, which can be used for decision-making in drought risk management. This is a four year project and it started in April 2014.

The DRY project will host an evening of talks and discussion about the River Fowey, water management, climate change and drought.  You can read about an initial visit to Lostwithiel by a  representative of DRY in this blog post.

 Please come along for coffee and cake, listen to speakers from local organisations and join in the discussion. We are particularly keen to hear if you have memories of the 1976 drought locally!  There is no entry charge.

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