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Twinning Association:Dinner and Dance

Saturday 15th June 2019, 7:00pm

Location: Lostwithiel Community Centre

Our  twinning friends from Pleyber Christ  are visiting Lostwithiel over the weekend of 14th – 16th June 2019.
On the Saturday evening they will be entertained at the Community Centre.



Dinner will be prepared by the twinning committee and will comprise of various pâtés and fresh bread to start, pork roasted on a spit, salads and sides, puddings and Cornish cheeses.  The desserts and cheeses will be supplemented with donations from the Lostwithiel twinners.  Tea and coffee will be available, but there will be no bar.  People should bring all their own drinks and a cafetière if they prefer filter coffee to instant.

After coffee and a piece of celebratory cake, some of the tables will be cleared away to make room for the dancing.  Everyone with two left feet will be encouraged to participate, which will be led by a ceilidh band and a professional caller.  Very few people, if any, will know what they are doing and so the evening is sure to be lots of fun. 

There will be a short break during the evening where hosts and visitors will likely say nice things about each other, and then the mayhem on the dance floor will resume, possibly encouraged by a little social drinking.





If you are not already registered as a Lostwithiel twinner, but you would still like to be involved, then you can join our Saturday night festivities by contacting Vicky Brown on 07971 278080 (cost £10 a ticket, but you will need to bring your own crockery, cutlery and drinks.




More information about Lostwithiel Twinners can be found on their website.


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