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Rachel Fisher ScarWork and Holistic Therapy

Rachel Fisher

Rachel has been a complementary therapist for over 2 decades. She has a lot of training and skills that have been acquired during that time.

She specialises in ScarWork Therapy. Easing and softening old or new scars and integrating them into the whole body. Releasing adhesions and tightness from scars can help alleviate any restrictions that have been created because of them. Using cutting edge fascial techniques Rachel is able to work deeply into muscles with as little discomfort as possible and help alleviate all manner of aches and pains.

Reflexology is an ancient healing modality which has a whole body effect by working through the feet. It has many well documented benefits that may help; issues such as migraine, IBS, fertility, or just general stress and anxiety.

Rachel charges for her time not a specific treatment as she personalises every treatment every time so that the best outcome can be achieved. Rachel is also a meditation teacher. Teaching the 1 Giant Mind being Technique. A form of meditation that is effortless and elegant and as with all meditation has the ability to help the practiser relieve stress and restore vitality. With our current high stress existence Rachel truly believe this technique can be a game changer for anyone who chooses to learn it. 

Rachel Fisher ScarWork and Holistic Therapy

Rachel Fisher ScarWork and Holistic Therapy
12 Castle View
PL22 0EJ

079 710 07 331
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