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Ouroboros Reiki

Ouroboros Reiki: Healing never ends

My Reiki journey started in 1999 in East Sussex, whilst I was a practicing Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist. Now based in Cornwall, I resumed Reiki Healing & massage with renewed passion and intention.

'When you have experienced trauma in your life, either through an episode or episodes of large traumatic input, or when life's experiences have produced repetitive traumatic 'injury' in your body and mind, you perceive the world around you from a different place than if you had not. Fear, anger and distrust can be one's first reaction to new places, people and situations, stressing the body into tension, survival responses and chronic maladaption.

Learning to listen to the body, being present with the breath and the now moment, and being able to feel safely can be paths into healing from chronic pain and illness. Reiki Healing can assist with supporting the body's own desire to heal, liberating energy to move through difficult feelings and creating a safe place 'more peaceful'.'

Joannie Muskett is an experienced massage therapist and Reiki healer of over 20 years. She has worked with many clients, from elite athletes to plasterers and desk workers in her work as a Sports Massage Therapist, and has helped the healing journey for many more through Reiki Healing, a gift that came to her awareness from a chance comment from a client! Joannie has personal experience of trauma, and brings her deep understanding to her work.

Ouroboros Reiki
Milham Lane

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